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genetically modified ALFALFA …. why you should give a shit.


Whether you’re keeping it rural or live at Dundas & Richmond, agricultural issues affect you. ESPECIALLY decisions that put our food soveriegnty into the hands of profit seeking agribusiness. Planting GM alfalfa will quickly and absolutely lead to cross contamination because bees and insects carry it all over the place.  This means organic farmers will have NO control over their crops being encroached on.

this means: bees will carry genetically modified, round-up ready plants into organic plots which will then take over, seed cost will be controlled by MON$ANTO instead of century old methods of seed saving,  GM crops push out wild crop varieties, expensive and unneccesary herbicide use (Mon$anto), weeds will fucking adapt and megaweeds will emerge,       

Not only is it a fun word to say but alfalfa is a neat little crop SO, heres great things about alfalfa: it feeds our livestock they love it, the look on the face of a cow eating alfalfa is blissful, it smells great and has pretty small flowers, farmers grow it usually a 20% grass 80% alfalfa mix to then cut, bale, and feed livestock, this builds soil fertility and nitrogen balance, our bees love it, wild and organic varieties are an important part of south-western ontario’s ecosystem.    


The big issue here is food sovereignty. Putting the aspirations and needs of those who produce, distribute and consume food, rather than the demands of transnational corporations, at the heart of our food systems. If GM crops are introduced MONSANTO will own and control our land, they will own and control our seeds, action needs to be taken NOW to put this control back into our own hands. Organic, pesticide and herbicide free food matters. I demand to protect the interests of the next generation.     


Quality of Life

Health is a choice. It means opening sleepy eyes and schooling ourselves on the REALITIES of living in the 21st century. This is not the world our grandparents grew up in, it will not be the world our grandchildren grow up in. Its ch-ch-changing baby and adaptation is the only way to thrive.

When I say thrive, I mean I want to fucking thrive. I want to live the most kick ass life possible. I want energy I want to eat I want to make money I want food sovereignty I want to travel I want to protest I want to party I want to have hot sex I want music I want to lose it I want to be happy I want to learn (I need to know what you know) I want to grow I want to experiment I want to live the life I choose without following suit.